A company made by adventurers, for adventurers.

Our Mission

Noovo's mission is to create innovative, high-quality products that inspire people to live fully, by embracing a lifestyle of travel, adventure and outdoor living.

All good stories start with an adventure.

16 countries - 32,000 miles.

The Founders' Story

Noovo began with a bus named Natasha, three French friends, and a year of adventure on the road. Crossing 16 countries in Central and South America, Benoit Lafond, Paul Aubert and Antoine Alberteau were determined to live the nomad life-- bringing as many friends as possible along for the ride.

What the road taught us.

A happy life is lived outdoors

More Freedom

Living in our camper provides you with the ultimate sense of freedom, offering the opportunity to explore the world on your own terms.

More Flexibility

Equipped with everything you need, our vans offer the flexibility to work remotely, to travel and live off-the-grid. Anywhere you go.

More Comfort

Your comfort is essential for tomorrow's adventures, so we made sure you can whip up a good meal, take a hot shower, relax and watch a movie, and get a good night's sleep.

Fresh air, expert craftsmanship, and lifelong friends.

The passion behind our pursuits

Love for the outdoors

We believe living or traveling in a van connects you to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. More fresh air is always the answer!

A passion for craftsmanship

We believe in the attention and detail that hand-crafted components require. Our builds are designed and built by some of the industry’s most creative, productive and experienced experts.

Vanlife community

We believe in the power of the adventurers and the vanlife communities. We are inspired by those who won't settle for the status quo, and those who are willing to chase their dreams.

Ready to join the Noovo family?

Whether your dream is to be a full-time vanlifer or you just want something comfortable and reliable for weekend adventures, we've got the perfect van for you. Explore our road-ready inventory or build your own with all your favorite features. A life of freedom is just around the corner.

"The team was exceptional through the process, during delivery and continues to provide support along the way."