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Starlink for RVs and Vanlife

We get it, even though your new camper van offers a life of freedom and adventure, you still need to stay connected when you’re on the road.

Whether a self-employed freelancer, digital nomad, or retiree, there are plenty of reasons to consider adding Starlink to your van or RV (like emails, Zoom meetings, FaceTime with family, or even just a good Netflix binge).

Previously, remote workers and vanlifers were constantly worrying about where to find reliable internet to work.

Starlink’s revolutionary satellite internet allows you to travel and live a life of adventure in your noovo van, and still stay connected when you need to work or check-in. Instead of leaving your epic campsite to drive to a coffee shop or library, Starlink lets you work right from the comfort of your van, enjoying the views and time outside.

In this article, we'll dive into the world of Starlink satellite internet, its features, costs, tips and tricks, and answers to all your questions. Starlink for RVs and vans is revolutionizing the way we stay connected while on the road and is definitely worth adding to your personalizable van package!

A Game Changer for Digital Nomads

What is Starlink?

Starlink, a division of SpaceX, offers satellite internet services designed to deliver high-performance internet access to virtually any location on Earth, including the swivel seat, rooftop deck, or cozy bed in your noovo van. It's a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that work together to provide global coverage.

Unlike traditional satellite internet, which relies on geostationary satellites, Starlink's LEO satellites are much closer to the Earth, resulting in lower latency and faster internet speeds.

Below we will explore the different hardware and packages based on your needs, and see how life in a van just got much easier.

Best Starlink Features for Van Lifers

When it comes to utilizing Starlink in your camper van or RV, here are some standout features that make it a fantastic choice:

1. Durable Satellite Dish

One of the significant advantages of Starlink for RVs is that the satellite dish is waterproof and resistant to heat and cold. Whether you're parked your camper van in the rainy Pacific Northwest or the sweltering Arizona desert, your Starlink dish will continue to provide a reliable internet connection without being affected by the elements. It even has an internal heating element for those extra chilly nights. (Good news is your noovo camper also has a 12v Rixen system heater and insulated window covers to keep you warm too!)

2. Autopilot Alignment

Setting up traditional satellite dishes can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. However, Starlink takes the hassle out of the equation with its autopilot alignment feature. The dish automatically adjusts its position to find the best signal, so all you have to do is pop it up outside your van and you’re good to go! With our exterior fold-fown table and self-supporting awning, the dream outdoor office is now at your fingertips.

3. Low Power Consumption

Although you can add up to 1000Ah of lithium battery power to your van with Noovo, we know that conserving energy is always important for vanlife. Starlink has designed its system to consume minimal power, ensuring that you can stay connected without draining your battery reserves.

4. In-Motion and Portable Use

If you choose the Flat High Performance Starlink, you can enjoy high-speed, low-latency internet while in motion. With someone else behind the wheel, you can sit comfortably at the table (with the extra swivel extension for those of us who need to spread out when we work) and get caught-up on emails before you get to the trailhead. The Standard Starlink is designed for portable use at any destination where Starlink has active coverage.

The ability to stay connected in remote areas makes it a valuable investment for RVers and remote workers.

Tips for using Starlink for RVs

Whether posting-up outside your van under your awning, enjoying the views from the rooftop deck, or cranking out work while your partner drives, here are some essential tips to make the most of your Starlink experience while on the road:

1. Consider Your Remote Environment

While Starlink offers excellent connectivity in remote areas, it's essential to consider your surroundings. Tall trees, buildings, or other obstructions can affect your signal strength. To ensure the best connection, choose a location with a clear view of the sky. (This is also an added bonus for stargazing from your rooftop deck of your Noovo van!)

2. Find a Safe Place to Store It

When you're on the move, it's essential to secure your Starlink equipment properly so it doesn’t get damaged. We’ve designed self-locking storage spaces in the Noovo van to keep your Starlink dish and modem safe during travel.

3. In-Motion Use

While Standard Starlink is primarily designed for stationary use, some RVers have reported success with maintaining a connection while on the move. However, this can be inconsistent and may not be suitable for bandwidth-intensive tasks. If you are needing reliable internet while driving, consider upgrading to Starlink’s Flat High Performance hardware. The hardware is designed for permanent installation on the top of your recreational vehicle and is resilient in harsh environments.

4. Data Usage

While Starlink offers unlimited data, certain plans have a data cap that when reached, and internet speed will be reduced. Monitor your usage if you are concerned, or upgrade to a higher-use data plan.

Different Versions of Starlink

Starlink offers several versions of its satellite internet service to cater to different needs. Two popular options for RVers and vanlifers fall under Starlink Roam and Starlink Mobility, and they continue to expand their packages.

Starlink Roam

Starlink Roam is a flexible plan designed for those who are accessing internet intermittently, especially in those remote, hard-to-reach areas. With the Standard Starlink, you can immediately access high-speed, low-latency internet on an as-needed basis at any destination where Starlink provides active coverage.

With an easy set-up and break down, Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency internet access within minutes, and packs up quickly when it's time to move to your next destination. Store it safely in one of your secure storage areas. With Starlink Roam, you can easily set up your connection at different locations without the need for a fixed service address.

Starlink Mobility

Starlink Mobility is another option tailored for mobile users. It offers similar benefits to Starlink Roam but with a focus on high mobility scenarios. The Flat High Performance plan is suitable for users who require a reliable connection while in motion, such as long-haul truckers, emergency vehicles, or individuals who need to remain continuously connected in remote areas.

With a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, the Flat High Performance Starlink can connect to more satellites, allowing for consistent connectivity on the go. The hardware is designed for a permanent installation and can be mounted on the roof of your van, next to your 400W solar panels or rooftop deck.

Frequently Asked Questions on Starlink

How Much Does Starlink Cost?

Starlink for RVs and Noovo Vans costs $99 per month for the standard plan, which includes the required hardware. There is also a one-time fee of $499 for the hardware kit. While this may seem steep compared to residential cable internet, the ability to stay connected in remote areas makes it a valuable investment for RVers and remote workers.

The price increases to $250/mo with a one-time hardware fee of $2,500 for the Flat High Performance.

Starlink offers a 30 day trial with a guaranteed full refund on hardware for both options. If you are interested in adding this to your new van, we are more than happy to help with installation!

Is Starlink for RVs Worth It?

If you depend on a reliable internet connection for work, communication, and entertainment, Starlink is undoubtedly worth adding to your noovo van package. It offers high-performance internet access in remote locations, even places without cell service, allowing you to stay connected while exploring the great outdoors.

Can I Use Regular Starlink in my Noovo Van?

While you can technically use the standard Starlink plan for your RV or van, it's not as practical as the specialized options like Starlink Roam or Starlink Mobility. These plans are designed with mobility in mind, allowing you to set up your connection at different locations without the need for a fixed service address.

Should I Buy Starlink for my RV?

In the world of RVs and vanlife, staying connected is essential for work, communication, and entertainment. How many times have you wished you could extend a weekend trip into Monday? Or found an absolutely incredible campsite, but had to leave after a day or two because you can’t be out-of-touch that long? Having a Noovo van with Starlink completely eliminates those concerns!

Starlink for RVs provides a reliable and high-performance internet solution that can keep you connected no matter where your adventures take you. With features like waterproof equipment, autopilot alignment, and low power consumption, it's a game changer for digital nomads who crave both mobility and connectivity. So, whether you're cozy in your queen-sized bed in your noovo van or cruising down an open desert road, Starlink has you covered.

If you’re still considering purchasing one of our road-ready vans or adding Starlink to your current package, contact us and let’s explore your options. We absolutely love helping people realize that a life of adventure is closer than you think.

We also have a virtual van builder on our site, if you’d prefer to configure some different options on your own.

No matter what you’re looking for, we can’t wait to chat with you, so set-up a call with us today!

We look forward to seeing you down the road!

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